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Carpet Cleaning Service

Reliable, Affordable and Eco-friendly Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services

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How we do it?

We offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in and around London, UK. The method we use is called STEAM CLEANING or shampoo & hot water extraction. The process involves stain treatment to remove stains, pre spray to lift up dirt, shampoo and extraction, rinse, and deodoriser . We offer stain protection to prevent any further stains, Eco-friendly products, or Pet odour treatment upon request. All our detergents are safe to use around children and pets.

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The procedure

  • Our professional approach and attention to detail often include the following procedures:

  • Carpet inspection

  • Vacuuming

  • Pre-spray

  • Piling

  • Stain Treatment

  • Deep Carpet cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

  • Carpet Rinse

  • Hand cleaning where necessary

  • Stain Protection and Deodorising if requested

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  • Carpet cleaning

  • Curtains cleaning

  • Mattress cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Rug cleaning

  • Commercial carpet cleaning

  • Please note that the prices are just a guide and they may vary depending on your location, the condition of your carpet, room sizes etc.

  • Please be aware that no guarantee can be given for the complete removal of any stains

  • The following charges may apply:
    - Minimum charge of £75 per visit
    - Parking Fee
    - Congestion charge Fee

Terms & Conditions - By booking a carpet cleaning service with us you accept the T&C

1.Same day cancellation may result in charges just to cover our travel cost and time wasted.
2.Please note that any additional items not mentioned above, will be charged on the day.
3.Your time slot is just a guide as we don’t have a control over traffic or bad weather.
4. Due to heavy machinery we would need a lift above 1st floor. Additional charges may apply for flats with more than 1 staircase.
5.You would need to arrange parking or pay for one and would be responsible for any fines we get outside your property.
6. You would need to cover Congestion charge if you are within the zone.
7.In preparation, please hoover your carpet and move any items/furniture obstructing our way.
8.Once at your property, we would need an adult present at the end of the cleaning in order to inspect the Services and sign off the work as completed to your satisfaction. If you are not present, the Services will be treated as accepted by you.
9.We also need access to electricity and water. 
10.We can only move light furniture or work around heavy furnishings.Please instruct my team as required.
11.Carpets/upholstery will be slightly damp straight after the clean. Estimated drying time may vary depending on the nature/fabric of the carpet/upholstery. We expect drying process to last between a few hours and a day. Please, be advised that by providing a good ventilation or heating, the drying time can be decreased. We provide plastic overshoes so you can use the rooms while carpet is drying.

12.We can’t guarantee complete removal of any stains or smell as they can be permanent or damage . We can’t take responsibility for any reappearing stains. In such cases we would advise professional cleaning every 2 months until the problem is resolved.

13.We don’t offer refunds or free re-cleans due to the above reasons and after the job has been signed for by yourselves as satisfactory. 


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