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About Our Cookies

We use cookies to distinguish our website users from the other anonymous users. We are improving the user browser experience on our website to give them the best results. If you use the browser cookies, then both of us will be happy with our cookies.

What is “cookies”?

Cookies are letters and numbers in a small file in your browser we store on a drive in your PC that you agree. Your PC drive received our cookies information.

The cookies we are using:

Necessary strictly cookies

Cookies which operate on our website, that is included to open secure pages within the website.

Analytical Cookies

They show us the live numbers of visitors on our website at all times. That helps to find quicker to get what they are looking for easily.

Functional Cookies

They help us to see if you return to our website. We can’t see any personal information about you.

Target of Cookies

They show us the number again on our website and what they follow. Using this information we will know how to optimize and advertise better to get more improvement. We may use this information with our SEO too for more help.

Blocked Cookies

Some people can block some cookies if they want. That can be done if you got your browser setting in your PC, but there are some cookies you can’t block to visit the website.

Ignored cookies

Some cookies can be ignored. They are a helping section. You can do it. Just go to Google to find it.

The Time for Cookies

There are 2 types of cookies, session and eternal. The eternal one stays for short to unlimited time, till you delete it manually, and the session ones stays for the session and delete it automatically straight away.

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